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Chronic Haemodialysis 6008 Machine

Fresenius Medical Care's commitment to continuous improvement and development of new dialysis therapies and products that aims to meet the ever-changing challenges of dialysis therapy has led to the development of the 6008 CAREsystem.

The 6008 CAREsystem allows you to deliver beneficial therapies with many advantages to better meet the demands of a modern-day dialysis environment.

  • Provides HighVolumeHDF® as a standard therapy with automatic maximisation of the substitution volume through AutoSub plus1.
  • AutoSub plus feature automatically measures and evaluates the flow conditions directly inside the filter several times per minute to deliver information on the conditions in and across the dialyser membrane.
  • Simple all-in-one 6008 CAREset with pre-connected bloodlines
  • that covers all treatment modalities including HD, HighVolumeHDF® (pre/post), HF (pre/post), and SN (HD/HDF).1
  • Venous Access Monitor (VAM), monitors the venous pressure profile to potentially detect venous needle dislodgement
  • Online Clearance Monitor (OCM), calculates the delivery dialysis dose (Kt/V) and allows for real-time monitoring of each dialysis
  • Blood Temperature Monitor (BTM), maintains constant core body temperature.
  • Automatic emptying of the extracorporeal circuit at the end of treatment.
    • A lower storage space requirement
    • Working towards less waste with the compact design and lightweight material

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5008/5008S Machine

  • The 5008/5008S therapy system offers, for the first time, the dialysis therapy of choice – ONLINE hemodiafiltration (HDF)1-6 – with easy handling and thoughtful use of dialysis-relevant resources. It is a highly integrated system, built for sustainable dialysis – today and in the future.
  • ONLINE HDF – a popular dialysis therapy choice1 -6
  • Monitoring of dialysis dose by OCM® (online clearance monitoring and plasma sodium measurement)
  • Single-needle method
  • Long-term patient surveillance
  • Well-designed user interface with large, clear touch-screen monitor
  • Data management including device setting using a patient card (offline) and/or network integration (online)
  • Online priming bolus and substitution reinfusion offering complete elimination of saline and irrigation bags
  • Autoflow and Eco flow – saving water, concentrates and energy
  • Optional via the touch screen monitor are also available.
    These fully integrated options include:
    Blood pressure monitor (BPM)
    Blood temperature monitor (BTM)
    Blood volume monitor (BVM)
    Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)

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4008S NG Machine

The 4008S Next Generation has been developed for all important treatment modalities within the scope of renal replacement therapies. This includes:

  • Haemo-compatible dialysis
  • Single-needle or single-needle click-clack
  • Ultrafiltration and sodium profiles
  • The automated acquisition, monitoring and control of specific patient and machine parameters with the 4008S Next Generation provides the operator with continuous assessment of the current treatment situation.

    Key features of the 4008S Next Generation include:
  • Monitoring of dialysis dose by OCM® (Online clearance monitoring and plasma sodium measurement)
  • Treatment with ultrapure dialysis fluid (DIASAFE®plus filter)
  • Use of hygienic, dry bicarbonate concentrate (Bibag®)
  • Single-needle method
  • Connection for central concentrate supply
  • Blood pressure monitor (BPM)
  • Data management with patient card (offline) or network integration (online)


Dialysers and Filters

Biocompatible dialysers to meet the clinical needs of all patients


Fresenius Polysulfone® based dialysers combine high performance with excellent haemocompatibility and endotoxin retention.

FX-class of dialysers combine an innovative housing design with an advanced dialysis membrane – known as Helixone®. This membrane provides better performance, haemocompatibility and endotoxin retention capacity.

Manufacturing of the Helixone® membrane involves a process known as Nano Controlled Spinning (NCS™) Technology, which allows the creation of a defined pore structure and distribution profile of the inner membrane layer according to the desired application.

Inline steam sterilisation -  This complex procedure delivers dialysers and filters with an exceptionally high degree of purity characterised by:

Sterility and pyrogenicity

  • Freedom from pore fillers
  • Proven integrity of the membrane fibres
  • Low rinsing volume 500 ml

    Dialysis fluid filters

    The quality and purity of the dialysis fluid are of major concern in renal replacement therapies, as large volumes of dialysis fluid come into contact with the patient’s bloodstream during each treatment. This is particularly the case with online haemodiafiltration (HDF), in which large fluid volumes are exchanged.

    Thus, the use of ultrapure dialysis fluid free from bacterial endotoxins and other microbial contamination is crucial in preventing undesirable acute reactions and influencing long-term patient outcomes. In addition, it has been shown to improve the control of anaemia, making it an important cornerstone of cardioprotective haemodialysis.1

    The routine production of ultrapure dialysis fluid and substitution fluid (defined as endotoxins <0.03 IU/mL) relies on the implementation of ultrafilters – such as the DIASAFE®plus filter – within the fluid pathway of the dialysis machine. DIASAFE®plus filters are fitted as standard in the 5008/5008S therapy system and 4008S Next Generation to ensure a high degree of dialysis fluid purity.

    Plasma Filters

    PlasmaFlux PSu filters enable the elimination of a wide range of substances due to a sieving coefficient of 1 for molecules with a molecular weight of up to 2 million daltons. PlasmaFlux PSu filters contain the polysulfone-based Plasmasulfone® membrane, which has been designed to minimise the activation of the patient’s immune system during blood–­membrane interaction.

    1. Ledebo I. Hemodialysis International 2007;11:S12–S17.

Other Disposables

Wide range of disposable products designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Fistula Needles

Features of Fresenius Medical Care's fistula needles include:

  • Well designed needles to allow for smooth puncture
  • Colour-coded for immediate recognition of the needles
  • well designed needles for better geometry and blood flow
  • Biocompatibility

Bloodlines and tubing systems

Fresenius Medical Care bloodlines make a difference for both healthcare professionals and their patients by offering the following features:

  • Compact and convenient components
  • Medical grade raw materials from renowned suppliers
  • Certified quality systems for
  • development and production

    Our bloodlines include:
    CAREset - The all-in-one 6008 cassette, its pre-connected bloodlines,
    compact design and lightweight material cover all treatment modalities and enables automatic connection to the integrated substitution unit on the 6008
    E-beam sterilised bloodlines; a gentler process than the previously common gamma sterilisation and is also free of nuclear radiation (for use with the 5008/5008S therapy system and some on 4008S Next Generation)
    Ethylene oxide (ETO) sterilised bloodlines. Special pre-conditioning and degassing process leads to minimised residual ETO content (for use with the 4008S Next Generation).

Dialysis concentrates and solutions

Dialysis fluid consists of purified water, glucose and electrolytes. Dialysis fluid is prepared according to the individual patient’s needs to help regulate their electrolyte and acid–base balance and remove metabolic waste products.

Fresenius Medical Care provides a range of concentrates and solutions including:

  • Acid concentrates
  • Bicarbonate concentrates
  • Modifiers for haemodialysis concentrates
  • Smartbag- PVC free , 100% Recyclable and Australian made1

    1 Data on file


Smartbag Safety Data Sheet

Disinfectants for haemodialysis

Fresenius Medical Care formulates and manufactures Citrosterile® a disinfection, cleaning and descaling solution to help ensure the dialysis system is maintained.

Chemo-thermal disinfectants

  • Use a combination of chemical and heat disinfection for haemodialysis machines with recirculation
  • Odourless and biodegradable
  • Must be used according to machine instructions at elevated temperatures only
  • Removes Calcium, magnesium deposits and has active ingredients composed of natural substances

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