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Despite significant improvements in the quality and efficacy of hemodialysis therapy in recent years, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death for dialysis patients. Today, almost every other dialysis patient dies from cardiovascular complications1.

Fresenius Medical Care supports nephrologists worldwide in minimizing their patients’ risks for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.
HighVolumeHDF therapy as well as innovative membranes like Helixoneplus and modern monitoring features like the Blood Volume Monitor, together with ultrapure dialysis fluid, help minimize CVD risk factors and significantly improve hemodialysis therapy.

1. Mario Cozzolino et al. Cardiovascular disease in dialysis patients. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2018 Oct; 33(Suppl 3): iii28–iii34


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Home dialysis – the right therapy at the right time and place

With our portfolio for Peritoneal dialysis and Home hemodiaysis you can be certain of having everything you need so as to optimize the outcomes for your patients while meeting their personal preferences.

CRRT - Setting the standard in CRRT

Dialysis essentially replicates the functions of the kidneys in patients with chronic kidney failure. Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis take over the critical tasks of the kidneys, removing waste materials, toxins, excess salt and fluids from the body.

Dialysis treatment does not entirely replace all the functions of the kidneys, meaning that patients almost always need to take certain medications regularly. These include antihypertensive treatments, drugs for lowering phosphate levels in the blood, vitamins and medicines that boost the production of red blood cells to prevent anemia.

Dialysis equipment

Fresenius Medical Care Seating has been designing and producing Australian made, world leading Medical Treatment Chairs for over 15 years. Fresenius Medical Care’s versatile range of Medical Treatment Chairs ensures that Australia's leading healthcare centres have the most advanced medical chairs available.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Melbourne, Australia. There we design and build all Fresenius Medical Care Seating equipment. Our seating range is distributed nationally and internationally including the US, China, India, Canada, South East Asia and New Zealand.

Product Information

Innovative Information Technology to assist Healthcare Professionals in caring for their dialysis patients.

The ability to capture obtain and analyse patient-related data is crucial for both dialysis treatment monitoring and planning. With this in mind, Fresenius Medical Care has developed innovative information technology application to assist healthcare professionals in caring for their dialysis patients.

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) management software PatientOnLine has been developed for monitoring patients undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis while Therapy Data Management System (TDMS) has been developed to monitor those undergoing Haemodialysis.

Patients undergoing Haemodialysis are exposed to large volumes of water in the form of dialysis fluid. In fact, a person undergoing Haemodialysis may come into contact with more fluid than the average healthy person in their entire lifetime.1

As part of our commitment to supporting clinicians and their patients undergoing dialysis, Fresenius Medical Care provides innovative water treatment products and services for dialysis therapy.

1. Ward RA. Semin Nephrol 2005;25:102–11.

Fresenius Kidney Care

Your trusted partner in kidney care

Fresenius Kidney Care, the dialysis care services division of Fresenius Medical Care, strives to set the standard in the healthcare industry by delivering care that demonstrates improvements in the quality of life for every patient every day.

We are known for our ability to successfully partner and work with physicians across the region. Our clinical care standards, safety procedures and advanced clinical research reassure physicians that their patients are in caring and competent hands.

With our performance management systems, we strive to improve patients’ medical outcomes while optimizing operational performances of clinics, taking all dimensions of patient care into account.

Services and resources

Fresenius Medical Care is highly committed to supporting the advancement of genuine medical/scientific education of healthcare professionals in relevant therapeutic areas, and therefore contributes to the improvement of healthcare standards and enhanced patient care.

Education and services to support your therapy programme.

Selected congresses, meetings, seminars and symposia

Supporting medical and scientific education of Healthcare Professionals.

Fresenius Medical Care Ventures was established to invest in start-ups and early-stage companies in the healthcare sector. 

Product manufacturing

Fresenius Medical Care Australia and New Zealand provide a wide range of Procedure Packs to support clinicians, nurses and patients. The packs are manufactured locally in Australia, and combine a variety of consumables to support renal therapy. For Instructions for Use for some consumables please select below.

Instructions For Use

More information

For in-depth information about Fresenius Medical Care visit the international website.