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Water Technology Products

Fresenius Medical Care provides a comprehensive range of reverse osmosis water treatment systems designed to meet the needs of today’s dialysis market. Key features of all our water technology products include user-friendly operation, microbiological purity, technical capacity, and economical operation.

To ensure water quality is consistently of the highest standard, Fresenius Medical Care adopts internationally recognized standards for dialysis water including the European Pharmacopoeia Commission, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).1


Water pre-treatment systems are required to fulfill the requirements for reverse osmosis and have a major influence on permeate quality. Fresenius Medical Care’s pre-filtration products utilise a combination of filtration, adsorption, oxidation, and ion exchange.

Flexible pre-filtration configuration

More than 2000 different parts are available to optimise your pre-filtration system. Main components used include redundant pressure pumps, break tanks, sand, brim and active carbon filters, softeners, , and the porter for the AquaUNO.

Individual components include:

  • Particle filter with backflush filters to reduce the Silt Density Index (SDI)
  • Activated carbon filter to reduce free chlorine and chloramines via oxidation and adsorption
  • Softener to provide the reverse osmosis system with a continuous supply of soft water

AquaA Series

AquaA is a reverse osmosis platform for permeate preparation in the dialysis centre. The modular design provides the flexibility to fit optional devices as required.

AquaA is an advanced system for permeate preparation in the dialysis centre and provides a permeate capacity of up to 4000 L/h.

Features of AquaA include:

  • Integrated sample ports for quality assurance procedures
  • Integrated control systems for before and during dialysis operation
  • Energy and water saving operation
  • Remote control
  • Emergency operation
  • The ability to integrate into dialysis and hospital IT management systems

    AquaHT is a hot water disinfection module designed for integration into the AquaA product group. It enables heat disinfection with both the AquaA and AquaA2 modules.

    Features of AquaHT include:
  • Integrated heat disinfection of up to 40 haemodialysis machines in parallel
  • Automatic heat disinfection with documentation as specified by ISO 26722:2009
  • The ability to perform continuous disinfection of the online purification cascade, i.e., thermal disinfection of the permeate ring can be followed by subsequent disinfection of the reverse osmosis membrane

    AquaBplus Series
    AquaBplus is a central reverse osmosis water treatment platform for permeate preparation in the dialysis centre. The modular design allows single or double pass system layout producing permeate for up to 50 dialysis machines.
    AquaBplus is the basic module for permeate preparation in dialysis centres.

    Features of AquaBplus include:
  • Sensors and hydraulic systems controlled by integrated function test routines
  • User-friendly interface
  • Upgradable through a range of options
  • Black box
  • Network connectivity

    AquaBplus B2 is an additional (second stage) reverse osmosis module for the AquaBplus product group that has been designed to meet the needs of a modern dialysis centre. Both stages can operate together or individually.
    AquaBplus HF allows hot disinfection of the permeate loop and the dialysis units.

    Features of AquaBplus HF include:
  • Sequential disinfection of up to five haemodialysis machines
  • Retrofitting where required
  • Continuous temperature monitoring

    AquaC Series
    AquaC UNO is a mobile, single patient reverse osmosis model. It can be used in home dialysis or in intensive care units.

    Features of AquaUNO include:
  • Automatic rinse cycles
  • Monitoring of cleaning cycles
  • Start/stop communication with haemodialysis machines
  • Low noise emissions

    AquaWTU is a complete reverse osmosis water treatment system designed to supply up to five dialysis machines. The complete system comprises pre-treatment and reverse osmosis.

    Features of AquaWTU include:
  • roduction of dialysis permeate from drinking water
  • Automatic rinse cycles
  • Programmable start/stop function
  • User-friendly interface

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